New Chatroom for Latin

Salvete et Vos Consodales,

Si per SKYPEN (Skype) confabulari vis, habemus LOCUTORIUM LATINUM apud Skype, et possis illic confabulari per litteras, picturas ad alios emittere, et viva voce quoque sermonem habere.

Junge Te!
Ecce vinculum ad gregem:

Vinculum ad gregem invenies apud Schola in 'tab' sub nomine "SKYPE"

If you want to chat by SKYPE, we have a Chatroom set up for Latinum on Skype, where you can text-chat, send pictures to one another, and also have voice chats.

The link that will take you directly to the LOCUTORIUM LATINUM Skype group is:

Join up!

If you don't remember this link, you can always find it on the SKYPE tab on Schola.

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